Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All orders are accepted under the following terms and conditions which constitutes a legally binding contract. Customers are advised to read this carefully before signing.

Arrangements prior to fitting 

  1. To assess the exact time and price, we need to see some specifications of the cabin and discuss fitting conditions. This will be offered within the range of our advertised services to full convenience of the client.
  2. Following receipt of your order we will use all reasonable efforts to try to keep to estimated fitting dates. All of our fittings are aimed to be completed within one day’s time, if for any reason this should extend beyond reasonable and agreed finishing time, we will make arrangements to finish at the earliest time slot available.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the log cabin, ground and base are ready for the cabin to be fitted. In the event of the customer failing to keep to these pre-arranged conditions at the time of our arrival on site, we will make arrangements to immediately rectify this situation or appoint a different time for fitting. Out of respect for other clients’ time, in such an eventuality, we reserve the right to charge an extra fee of 12.5% of the total service cost of the fitting or a minimum of £100.00. At least 24 hours notice for postponement is required or the call out fee will apply.
  4. An advance payment of 50% for all fittings will be required before fitting is undertaken.


  1. Parts. During fitting, if any parts are lost or damaged we will attempt either arrange for another time when the components are there, or try to rectify their lack by any means agreed with the client prior to any action taken. We will report any such eventuality on site as soon as we identify it. It is up to the client to choose the best suit of action. We can advise on alternative solutions or fitting dates. We do not take part in disputes between the client and the store regarding the log cabin itself. No responsibility can be accepted for accidental damage caused during the fitting process. (Your statutory rights are unaffected.)
  2. Base requirements. Erection of the building can only take place if the base is absolutely level and of sufficient size. In the event of the base not being suitable, we may attempt to correct any small faults after agreeing it with the customer. Normally however, we would ask the client for the base to be corrected and complete fitting at a different date. It is the client’s responsibility to correct the base and choose a date after it has been corrected. We reserve the right to charge an extra fee of 12.5% of the total service cost of the fitting or a minimum of £100.00.
  3. Site access. Fair and reasonable access to the site of fitting will be provided by the client. Under no circumstances will components be carried over garage roofs, fences, hedges, etc. Please consider the dimensions of the cabin and the total area involved when discussing our fitting.
  4. Specifications. Our fitters are familiar with top UK log cabin sellers’ recommendations for different variety cabins and sheds installation. We operate within a very wide and flexible yet limited range of fitting and correcting methods and tools. In case we are able to alter any parts of the service or product accordingly to the client’s wishes, we may choose to do so yet give no warranty for such additional service which normally goes beyond the scope advertised on this website. As our policy is to constantly seek to improve our services, we reserve the right to amend, alter or change at our discretion the scope of our services when such changes are deemed desirable or necessary or when they may adversely affect the company, the client or anybody involved.

Usage and maintenance

  1. Please note that the cabins are made of a natural product, this being the case some movement may happen after fitting and is beyond our control. We advise that the building can only be guaranteed if it is re-treated with a good quality stain within three months of erection.
  2. A well covered cabin is essential to the prolonged life of any building. Please ensure that trees and shrubs are stopped from rubbing against and gouging the felt. The felt will expand and contract with different weather conditions. This will cause the felt to ripple, however this is not a problem and the roof will still remain watertight.

Last updated: 05/02/2024

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