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Radoslaw completed my garden shed with brilliance and great effort.Despite the fact,he felt unwell and did managed to complete the job with ease.I am so impressed with the job he did,and my wife was so over whelmed with his work.Also the trust we had for him as we left the house while we went to our various jobs and coming back was still doing the work.This show his dedication,enthusiasm and his ability to satisfy his customers. I was really impressed with his work ethics,respect,and very nice guy to have a good conversation with.I have no doubt about his experience,agility and attention to details in his overall work.I will vouch for him in anywhere he works based on his capability,experience and showing good attitude towards his customers.I will also do recommend that whoever employs him will never regret it.He is a very good worker and you wont regret it.

MyBuilder16th Dec, 2018
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